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Car Towing Service Edmonton

When your car breaks down due to Alberta weather, Edmonton winter, slippery Roads or you just need to take it to a garage. You need a vehicle towing truck, Call Bora Towing and we’ll send you a truck with a professional and friendly driver to help you in this situation. We are always there to sort out your auto emergency problems.

In all cases try to keep yourself warm and safe, specifically in Edmonton or Alberta weather in general:

  • Contact a tow truck company to have your vehicle towed to a repair facility as soon as possible. Don’t forget to provide them with your location and any other pertinent details they might require.
  • Keep warm: It’s crucial to keep warm while you wait for the tow truck if you’re stranded outside in chilly weather. If at all feasible, keep the engine is off to save battery life. Put on any warm clothing or blankets you have to remain warm.
  • Turn on your car’s warning lights so other drivers can see you and avoid crashing with your vehicle.
  • Secure your safety by avoiding oncoming traffic if you’re stranded on the side of the road. Remain in your vehicle or find a safe place away from the road.
  • When the tow truck arrives, speak with the driver to let him or her know where you want your automobile to be towed and any other specific instructions you may have.
  • Even if your vehicle totaled or completely wrecked our professional tow drivers can still moved and winched onto the tow truck.
  • If you have a larger car, truck, or SUVs please ask for our flatbed tow trucks.
Towing Service Edmonton
Towing Service Edmonton

Remember to stay calm and patient while waiting for the Towing Service Edmonton.

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