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Medium Duty Towing

Your Partner in Light and Medium Duty Towing

It’s normal to be concerned when your medium-sized truck becomes stranded on the side of the road. After all, light car towing is a task that may be handled by any towing firm. But is the pickup truck safe with the towing service you’ve called? Can they pull your tiny bus or camper? Make sure your towing provider has everything necessary to manage the problem. Additionally, you want to make sure they don’t harm your car. But you don’t have time to browse through numerous reviews or conduct extensive research on towing firms to determine which one would provide you with the greatest service. You just want to pick up the phone and call a trustworthy, courteous, quick, and dependable towing service. It’s simple. Just call Bora Towing. Towing is what we do. When you need fast & friendly towing, whether it is light or medium-duty, cheap and quick can provide the service you need.

We Can Handle Your Light & Medium-Duty Towing Needs

Want to get your vehicle towed? We are capable of it.
You require a tow for your RV or compact bus. We are capable of it.
Do you require a tow for your dump or box truck? We are capable of it.

In fact, we are able to tow your car anywhere you need it to go. All types of light- and medium-duty trucks are doable to us:

    • Motorcycles & Scooters

    • Cars & SUVs

    • Dual-wheel Pickup Trucks

    • Large Vans

    • Small Buses

    • Box Trucks

    • Dump Trucks

    • Landscaping Trucks

    • And more…

For regular towing distances within the city, we charge affordable flat rates, and for long-distance towing, we charge affordable per-KM fees. To prevent any unexpected costs, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with an estimate over the phone before sending a tow truck to assist you.

For Any Light Or Medium-Duty Towing Requirements, We Have A Fleet Of Cutting-Edge Tow Trucks Available.

For Short-Distance Towing Of Cars, Vans, And Light Trucks, We Provide Basic Wheel Lift Tow Trucks. Wheel Lift Trucks Are Likely What Come To Mind When You Think Of Tow Trucks. For Towing Vehicles That Need To Have All Four Tires Off The Ground, Such SUVs, 4WD Cars, And Larger Vehicles, We Have Flatbed Trucks Available. When You Need To Have Your Vehicle Moved Over Large Miles, Flatbed Trucks Are A Smart Choice. We Also Handle Towing For Motorcycles.

When you contact, one of our dispatchers will assist you in determining the type of tow truck you require for your specific vehicle and circumstance.

What Makes Bora Towing the Best Choice for Light or Medium-Duty Towing?

      You already know that we are responsive, amiable, and trustworthy. Here are a few additional reasons to contact Bora Towing:

          • Every day of the week, we are accessible. When you call, we will take it.

          • For your safety and peace of mind, all of our drivers are properly licensed and insured.

          • To fulfil your needs, our trucks are modern and properly equipped.
            With tow trucks nearby, we can respond in a flash, and all of our drivers are courteous and professional at all times.

          • Whether you need a tow across the city or just around the corner, our prices are quite affordable.

          • As soon as we can, we want to get you back on the road and living your life.

        Give Bora Towing a call. We’ll be there. And we’ll get you going.

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